Final Uke Course

The final session of the ukulele course has happened. Yet again, they astounded me at how quickly they progressed. This week we looked at moving the basic strumming pattern using just the thumb onto using the index and middle finger. By extending them slightly from a loose fist, you can strike the stings with the nail on the way down and the fleshy part of the finger in the way up. This suddenly opens up new possibilities and strumming patterns.

They got this fairly quickly, and we moved on to learning new chords, this time the A family where A, A7 and Am are all very similar and just one finger different from each other. We also had a go at learning to read tab and picking out some tunes. With only such a short amount of time, it was important I showed them enough to progress by themselves. They could do everything by the end, but it was just a case of being able to coordinate it all together, and that’s where practice comes in!

It was fantastic to see how happy they were as they left. An interesting comment was made by one person who has said she had been trying to teach herself for months and got nowhere. And then, after just two hour and a half sessions, she was now able to play chords, strum the Uke and sing all at once.

They were a great group and it was a real pleasure to teach them. So much fun!

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