Intermediate Ukulele

5th February 2017



Location: Stamford Arts Centre
Date: Saturday 16 February 2019; 10am
Tickets: £30 Available via Stamford Arts Centre



Now available to book as a gift voucher via Ticket Source

Intermediate Ukulele is aimed at those who have been playing for a while but now want to move their playing on to the next stage. You’ll currently be comfortable with the most common ukulele chords such as A, A7, Am, C, C7, D, D7, Dm, E7, Em, F, G, G7 and be comfortable with basic strumming.

The course begins with a warm up of some favourite ukulele songs which you may have heard before or could give you some exciting new repertoire. From there we will start to look at some more advanced chords based on the minors, 7ths and some associated tricks which can help you embellish your playing.

Once we’re comfortable with those chords we then move on to some new strumming techniques including rolls, flays and damping to create a different sound when you play songs. Following this we go back to the chords but this time look at how barre chords can help you reach new chords and make some chord changes easier. Finally, if time the course will look at reading from tab, techniques such as Hammer on/offs and picking tunes from chords.

As with any of my courses, the speed of the course will go at the pace of the group, this could mean that we don’t get through everything. You can be assured that you’ll leave with loads of new ideas and book of songs and techniques that you want to go and try! Follow up courses can also be arranged.


Course includes a student book which you can take away with you. There will also be a stall on the day with additional accessories ukulele starter packs and books available, some of which can be pre-ordered on ticket source. Don’t forget your Uke and a pencil!


For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me