So close, but not quite!

This weekend very nearly saw the aquistition of a new ukulele. I’ve been looking for a while at a new Tenor Uke and I thought I had found the very thing, a Kala resonator uke and looked amazing!

A resonator is basically a metal cone which takes the place of the sound hole and amplifies the instrument so you can hear it. They were originally designed and used in acoustic guitars before the development of amplification, it allowed them to be heard in a dance hall above the crowd and other instruments. They’re not that common on ukuleles, and this one did look nice – it had ‘f’ holes above and below the neck as replacement to the sound hole.

However, to my ear the sound was slightly dull and my fingers kept catching on the f holes, making a clicking noise, which would eventually drive me mad. It was with great sadness that I put it back on the shelf and left the shop. I intend to keep looking, and if nothing else it just proves how important it is to try before you buy!

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