The Dreaded Question

It’s not uncommon for a humorous music picture to show up on my Facebook feed, but this one made me particularly think, and smile:


PracticingI can vividly remember my piano lessons when I was younger. To be honest, I was scared of my teacher and found it very difficult to play freely in front of her. I’d play what I thought she wanted to hear, so perhaps was not as creative as I could have been. Whereas when I was at home, that was very different, I could have been on a stage playing in front of thousands of people and pretending to be a world class musician. So the picture accurately represents my memories!

When I teach I’m always conscious of this for my students. There comes that dreaded question at the start of each lesson ‘so show me what you’ve been doing this week’. The reaction can produce various results from proud playing and smiles to a look of horror and the fight to avoid a dash to the door!

It’s important to remember that as a teacher I want to hear what you’ve been doing and one of the best bits of my job is seeing how you have progressed. Don’t be afraid to show me what you can do (as I was in my piano lessons) nor be afraid to try out something new – that’s how I can help you the most when you are yourself. It’s also when you play at your best, because you’re doing what you want to do.

So next time you hear that question, or if you are putting off starting lessons because you’re worried about what my reaction might be to your playing, don’t let it be an issue. We’ve all got to start from somewhere and I’ll support you on that journey all the way. That’s how we make it fun because it’s all about you and your love (and mine) of playing!

And just for the record, I look nothing like the green monster in the picture – honest!

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