The new term begins

It’s been a while since my last post. Since then I’ve been away on holiday, finally had chance to relax, and now back into it as if I’d never been away! The holiday was amazing, ten days in America touring the north eastern states, amazing, spectacular – but another story altogether!

So work has started again, I’m a secondary school Music teacher, so there’s no let up there, but so far it’s going well, just very busy! Then outside school, everything is ramping up again. The Ukulele Orchestra performed at Raunds Carnival a few weeks ago and pulled quite a crowd to watch us – new videos on our YouTube channel. We’re now turning our minds to the weeks and months ahead and considering what’s next for us. On the cards is new strumming patterns and techniques, new repertoire and the possibility of a few more concerts here and there.

Excitingly, the choir competition (for Cransley Hospice) is in a weeks time. The choir I have been leading have worked incredibly hard and they deserve to do really well. Fingers crossed, but because we don’t know what we’re up against (we’ve all been told not to tell the other choirs what we’re doing) it could be anybody’s game – hopefully ours.

Finally, the first few private ukulele tuition lessons are about to begin in the coming weeks, some as a result of this site – very exciting. So here’s to an exciting term, lots coming up, lots to do, lots to enjoy!

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