Ukulele Info

9th July 2014

Ukuleles come in a range of shapes and sizes; the bigger the ukulele, the lower the pitch. The soprano, the second smallest size, is by far the most popular. They are very affordable with prices starting around £20 which is why many people start with these models when learning.

Typically they have four strings and frets. In this relation, they look a little like a small guitar, but unlike the guitar, the strings are not in pitch order – this is called renterant tuning. So the soprano Uke, for example has the lowest string on the second course and the highest on the fourth. The first course, or string closest to your chin is actually the second highest.

A new ukulele will come ready strung, but it’s strings will need stretching. Initially they act like elastic and so will need retuning on a regular basis. It doesn’t take too long for the strings to settle, but playing as often as possible and retuning helps them to settle even quicker. It’s well worth having a set of Aquila strings on your Uke, it will improve the sound no end. You can see how to restring your Uke on the page in this menu. If in doubt, get someone to help you.

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