Team Building Sessions

9th July 2014


Bored and fed up with the usual team building sessions your company buys in? Hate paintball fighting or just fancy a different kind of activity where you can learn a new skill?

Learning to play an instrument is both a fun and challenging skill to take part in. Learning as a group is even more fun, within about 20 minutes of this session you’ll be playing and singing with this fun instrument. Not only is something completley different that you or your colleagues may never have done before, but it will help build on those essential skills you need for your day to day job.Learning to play an instrument in a group requires concentration, leadership, team work and good listening skills.

By the end of the session you will be able to play most of the common ukulele chords allowing you to access numerous songs that we will perform. The session will begin from absolute scratch assuming you have never played before and methodically take you through strumming patterns and chords. You might even end up forming your own company group!

There will be lots of playing and singing – you’ll be exhausted by the end, but will have had a great time and have a brand new skill to show off to your friends! Ukuleles will be provided for the group which will be yours to keep at the end of the session.

As well as ukulele, sessions are also available on African Djembe Drums, Boomwhackers and singing.

Choir 7

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