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9th July 2014

Stibbington GroupLearning to play an instrument with a group of people is great fun. It’s even better when you do it in your local community with your friends, or as a way to bring the community together and make use of local resources. It’s impossible to play the ukulele and not smile, not only will you be able to play the uke by the end of the session, but you’ll have a group of new friends!

There’s lots of options that you can decide upon for your course and we can design it so that it fits exactly what you want including level of challenge, location, length, dates and number of sessions. The best thing to do is to get in touch through the online booking form and we can start to work something out, alternatively drop me an email. Alternatively you can book a ready to go ‘Learn to Play from Scratch’ session or the new ‘Ukulele Improvers’ course.


Stibbington Social

Here’s an example of a typical ‘learn to play from scratch’ 2 hour session. Typically, you’ll be singing and playing within about 20 minutes:

  •  Introduction to the ukulele, how to hold it and how to make a sound
  • First chords, building confidence with the instruments and playing and performing your first songs
  • Developing strumming techniques to vary your sound
  • Learning more chords and expanding the songs you can play


This session can be extended to cover two or more weeks. In this case we will spend more time on the individual skills and learn more songs to help secure your skills.

The improvers course assumes basic knowledge of the ukulele (mainly those skills listed above in the beginners class) and ability to play basic chords including C, F, G, A, Am etc) and will then cover:Stibbington Group

  • New chords including barre, minor and seventh chords
  • Repeated chord patterns and faster changes
  • Different strumming patterns
  • Picking patterns
  • Picking chords and tunes at the same time


Sessions start from around £20 per person for 2 hours tuition depending on numbers and location.

Stibbington FourThe primary aim of these sessions are that they are fun and to ensure you’ll be grinning from ear to ear from start to end. They’re not expensive and totally accessable, the difficulty level will be matched to the group and we will get at the pace best needed for your class. Ukulele workshops are great for pulling a community together, promoting a shared space such as a community room or for something fun and different during your regular meeting.

Have a look at the latest courses for an idea of what I do.


You’ll need a uke for the session, a soprano or concert size is recommended for beginners. If you don’t want to buy your own, you can hire one from me for an additional £10. Please note prior notice is needed for this so I can ensure I have enough stock.

For a quote, to book a session or to build your own session for your group, drop me an email at




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