Private Lessons

It’s great what you can do these days to self-teach an instrument using the internet and books, but sometimes there is nothing better than having your own personal tutor who will help you learn at your pace, explain it properly and make sure you don’t pick. up any bad habits. That’s what I can do! Lessons can be in person (depending on public health limitations) or online via Zoom. Online lessons means you can be anywhere I can still teach you.

What to Expect

I find that the best length for lessons I half an hour, it’s enough time for us to make progress and not get too tired – both physically and mentally. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, from complete beginner to wanting to improve what you can already do I will tailor your lessons to your ability.

My aim is to make you feel comfortable but that you have made progress and achieved something after every lesson. Therefore lessons ae relaxed and go at your pace. There’s loads of time to ask questions (and no question is too simple) and check your understanding. Sessions are fully supported with digital or printed resources which allow you to continue your learning between sessions. You’ll get some homework to allow you to continue your development, but it will be fun and enjoyable!

Online (Zoom) Lessons

These are a great option for learning remotely. It removes the need for you to come to me and means you can be anywhere in the country! We’ll spend some time making sure that the connection works and I’ll ensure you have all the resources you need. I’ll either send them to you in advance or just after the session (depending on when you need them). I suggest you then print them out for use during the lesson.

It’s important to make sure you are somewhere comfortable and free of distractions. Ensure your device is charged (or have a charger to hand) and make sure the camera can see you and your instrument. Headphones are not necessary but you can use them if you like. If you have any questions get in touch with the details below.

Lesson Costs

Lessons cost just £14 for a half hour session and is payable before the lesson if online or at the time of the lesson in person. I recommend you have one lesson a week, but can also work on a one lesson a fortnight basis (but progress will be a bit slower).

How to Start Lessons

If you’d like to start lessons get in touch with me via email and we can arrange a time to suit. I am a secondary school teacher by day which means that I generally teach in the evenings after about 7pm, but during the school holidays I have a bit more flexibility.

You can also contact me on Facebook by finding my page. This allows you to instant message me, but you can also see the reviews of what past pupils have said. Find me at